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Katie Garibaldi
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Web site:
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Katie Garibaldi
Not just another “chick with a guitar.”

Because today’s music world is quite inundated with decent and experienced singer/songwriters, a widespread cliché has grown, deeming many female artists just a “chick with an acoustic guitar.” San Francisco’s Katie Garibaldi challenges this axiom by offering something original and distinctive, as well as possessing a strong business savvy that has gotten her far ahead on the road of an indie artist.

Just 24, Katie has achieved so much in her young career, more than most who have been at it for decades. She has self-recorded, produced and released already five albums in her young life, as well as other recordings, constantly tours the country promoting her music and performing, and runs her own record label—Living Dream.

Her latest album, Fallen Angel, a bright collection of 14 original songs that carries an ongoing theme of unconditional love, has received uplifting reviews since its 2006 release. Currently, Katie is recording her sixth full-length album, which is due out early 2009.

Katie has a keen understanding of the music business. She holds a BA in Communication, graduating from Notre Dame de Namur University with highest honors in Communication and Journalism. She has also attended many music conferences.

Katie’s eclectic taste of music stems from an early blend of influences, including the Beatles, the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Huey Lewis, the Beach Boys, and a lot of “oldies” classics on the radio. Later musical influences include Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty, Celine Dion, Lisa Loeb, the Wallflowers, Shania Twain, and Patty Griffin.

The singer/songwriter started playing guitar at a young age and at the age of 15 began performing at retirement homes, open mics, and volunteer gigs. Soon, those small gigs turned into festivals, cafes, clubs, and private parties. Over the years of performing and recording her songs, Katie’s hobby and passion became her fulfilling career.

Concentrating on songs about relationships, love, pain, and hope, often based on real experiences—Katie Garibaldi sings with an emotional nearness that, in combination with her melodic and catchy songs and her soulful and expressive vocals, captures her audience wherever she performs. Whether she’s performing solo or with a backup band, Katie has a characteristic musical style wherein her equally pop- and country-tinged folk-rock gives her a distinct and edgy sound—almost like Americana with a rock-y twist. Katie Garibaldi’s music has received airplay on many Bay Area radio stations, as well as overseas in Australia and various Internet radio stations. The singer/songwriter focuses performing mainly in her home market to build her already growing fan base, but has also toured parts of the West Coast including Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and southern California. Katie has been pro-active in the world of the songwriting and music business by joining such organizations as Songsalive! and West Coast Songwriters. She has won “Best Performance” twice at West Coast Songwriters’ songwriter showcases.

Katie has performed and headlined at well-known venues, including the Little Fox (Redwood City), the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason, Broadway Studios (San Francisco), and The Catalyst (Santa Cruz). In 2007, Katie was chosen out of a multitude of indie artists in the nation wide Shift 2 Nissan Battle of the Bands. She won a spot, along with only seven other bands, to perform at the Cow Palace for the San Francisco segment. She has shared the stage with Kaki King, Jeff Austin Black, Jody Raffoul, as well as many emerging and established Bay Area-based indie artists.

A budding humanitarian, the artist has done several benefit shows, directly working with non-profit organizations, including Guitars Not Guns, Toys For Tots, Music in Schools Today, and GINA For Missing Persons. Outside of her musical world, Katie Garibaldi is active in her community and is a veteran volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula as a mentor at the club’s "Girl’s Day" event.

Contrary to frequent assumption, Katie Garibaldi is not just another “chick with a guitar.” She is a business-minded individual and creative music artist who has acquired a devoted fan base, mainly due to her entertaining and engaging live shows, but also in part to her personal connection to listeners and outreach to the community. It’s no wonder why Download For The Cure, a foundation that “fights cancer with music” claimed, “Katie Garibaldi is an extremely innovative music artist.” The high-spirited singer/songwriter is truly an original and distinctive talent. By the looks of what she has accomplished thus far, it’s a wonder what we’ll see from this rising and promising artist in the years to come.

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Katie Garibaldi
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