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Astor Torres
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The fusion of Rock, Ballad and more!

Astor Torres is an artist destined to succeed. Raised in an incredibly musical home, Torres had his sights set on success from an early age. His unique blend of Latin sounds, Spanish and English lyrics is sure to have broad appeal across many age groups and ethnicities. With the ability to draw in a crowd with just his guitar and voice, he is sure to entertain every listener that has the privilege of hearing his music.

Astor Torres was born in Guatemala November 5, 1979 to Robin Nichols and Alvaro Torres. He comes from a strong musical background and has spent his entire life involved with the music industry. Growing up watching and listening to his favorite bands like The Cure, Ricardo Arjona, Soda Stereo write songs and perform has helped develop in him, at an early age, the passion and drive that so many artists are lacking today.

At the age of nine, Astor started playing guitar, but since money was scarce, he could not afford any lessons. Astor also picked up singing at a young age, and has developed both skills into beautiful talents. He continued to teach himself and learn as much as he could from his father, until he turned sixteen. When he turned sixteen, he moved to the United States. He started getting influenced by bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Pink Floyd, while always keeping in him his Latin roots.

After graduating from High School, Astor pursued a career in the food industry, and quickly found himself managing at a restaurant. Throughout this time, he was always involved in writing songs and recording them in his own project studio. He continued to do this until the fall of 2006. Astor decided he was not happy working in the food industry and wanted to focus more on his music. In the fall of 2006 he started the Recording Arts Associates Program at Full Sail Real World Education in Orlando.

Ever since the beginning of his education at Full Sail, Astor has worked hard to succeed and continue to make his beautiful music. He graduated in 2007 from the Recording Arts Associates Program, and immediately started in Full Sailís Music Business Bachelors Program. Michael Walters, a fellow student and producer was quoted as saying ďAs a producer, it is a gift to be able to work with an artist like this!Ē Within a few months after starting, he got signed to an independent label, LGB Records, in Orlando, Florida. He is currently a candidate for graduation in July, and he is finishing up an album to be released in June.

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Astor Torres
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