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Liat Cohen & Luiz de Aquino
Hometown: Paris, France
Web site:
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Liat Cohen
Pioneer of Contemporary Creation and
Revival of the Classical Guitar

According to musicologist Yehoshua Hirshberg, Liat Cohen is one of the true virtuoso guitarists continuing the great tradition established by the legendary Andre Segovia, of transforming the intimate guitar into a magnificent solo instrument, projecting it over large concert auditoriums while maintaining the warm and gentle nuances of the instrument.

Singled out as one of the seven most important guitarists in the world today and designated virtuoso of poignant, delicate sound by French magazine Guitare, Liat is the first classical guitarist ever to receive the prestigious Nadia and Lili Boulanger Prize awarded by the Foundation de France.

In France since 1992, Liat Cohen’s work has on focused on Eastern European, Spanish and French techniques and the development and publication of new works for guitar.

Her credentials include concert diplomas and First Prizes from the Conservatory of the City of Paris and the Schola Cantorum of Paris, both awarded with Honorable Mentions. She is a Laureate of the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris and the winner of international competitions of Rome and Paris.

Liat performs before a wide array of audiences and has appeared at the Palais des beaux arts Bruxelles, Cerclo de Bellas Artes Madrid, Salle Cortot Paris, National Theatre of Costa Rica, the Opera of Montpellier, the Musée des Invalides in Paris, the Skirball Cultural Center of Los Angeles, the Palais des Congres Lyon, the Jerusalem Theatre, Tel Aviv Museum and the Palazzo Barberini in Rome.

Her recent performance invitations have come from leading orchestras and festivals in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Turkey, Sweden and Israel, many of which were recorded live and broadcast on National Television and Radio including Radio France, The Voice of Music IBA , Australia ABC, Mexico and Argentina.

Liat's first album recorded with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra IBA in 2001 (Critics Award for interpretation and selected CD of the Year by American National Radio), underscores the source of inspiration she would become for many outstanding composers including J. Bardanashvili, Y. Braun, G. Shohat, M. Wolpe, B.Ben Moshe, R. Kadishson, N. Bonet, J. Cardoso, P. Laser amongst others.

In 2003 Liat worked on transcriptions and recordings of J.S. Bach while artist in residence at the Mont St Michel Abbey in France. This work culminated in a solo performance during the 20th European Cultural Heritage Day and and publication of the album Liat Cohen plays Bach at Mont St Michel by Codaex in France, followed by a week of national television coverage on the MEZZO Music Channel.

In 2005 Liat recorded a remarkable album for Harmonia Mundi entitled Latino Ladino with classical and popular melodies from Spain, Turkey, Argentina, France, Israel and Peru and for which she toured extensively in Europe, Latin America and Israel in 2006.

A star attraction of the 2005 Israel Festival, Liat premiered Moshe Zorman’s symphonic work for guitar, choir and orchestra in an homage to Israeli singer-songwriter Hanan Yovel, and in 2007 she was invited to perform with the Istanbul Symphony Orchestra.

Today along-side an increasingly busy performance schedule, Liat Cohen continues to dedicate a great deal of her time to the creation of contemporary music.

In June 2007 following several years of research, Buda Music released her fifth album, Variations Ladino – a modern day journey from 15th century Spain to today with nine new eclectic solo and chamber pieces for guitar, based on the Ladino tradition.

Ambassador of the New Brazilian Sound

Luiz de Aquino hails from Sao Paulo Brazil where he completed studies in classical music and jazz, musicology and composition which led him to study with a number of internationally renowned artists including Abel Carlevaro and Turibio Santos in South America and Alexandre Lagoya in France.
Composer, author and virtuoso guitarist, Luiz has penned several works for film and television and works regularly with Koka Media France's number 1 Production Library and member of the BMG Music Publishing Group as well as the French producer Encore Merci.

He appears on a number of recordings and compilations for Universal, Putumayo, M10, Pias, XIIIBis, Buda, Origins and Auvidis (Naive).

Soloist and much appreciated accompanist, Luiz's insatiable curiosity and taste for other cultures has influenced his work. Particularly interested in creating different trends, the colors Luiz chooses to create with vary from hip-hop and jazz to rap, electro and world-beat and classical.

Luiz enjoys performing live and though his concert repertoire is generally his own, he always includes a few jazz standards and music by the masters of classical and Brazilian works. Luiz works with Bobby Rangell (sax and flute), Raul Mascarenhas (sax and flute), Ney Veras (drums/mandolin), Toucas (accordion). He is also touring this year with classical Israeli guitarist Liat Cohen - to promote the release in November of "Variations Ladino" which includes works by Luiz, Jorge Cardoso, Narcis Bonet & Gil Shohat (Buda).

Esquina do Tempo (A Corner of Time) is his first solo, commercial release. The title "Caminhos de Cuba" from this first album also appears on Putumayo's "Latin Lounge" album, released world-wide in August of 2005. Esquina Do Tempo is available on all major internet platforms including Itunes, VirginMega,, etc...)

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Liat Cohen & Luiz de Aquino
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