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Duo Lisme
Hometown: Netherlands
Web site:
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From chance meeting to magical music
It was in 1991 that Dutch classical guitar duo Frank Lamm and Peter Thissen met in the bustling corridors of the Brabants Conservatorium. They were drawn to one another by a shared passion for guitar music. This meeting was the start of a magical and lengthy collaboration. A collaboration which not only they themselves but also their listeners will enjoy time and again.

Talent gets a name: Duolisme guitar duo
Talented musicians who meet their perfect musical partner at such an early age are rare. Frank and Peter were given this opportunity and they seized it with both hands. Together they embarked on a course characterized by rehearsing, learning, studying and making music.

In 1995 Frank and Peter decided on a name for their subtle ensemble playing: Duolisme guitar duo is born. From that moment on Duolisme gave concerts within the Netherlands but also other countries such as England, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Switserland, the Dutch Antilles, Malaysia and Schotland.
The development of Frank Lamm:
from passion to full-time musician
Frank Lamm was 11 years' old when he embarked on his musical career at the Waalwijk school of music. His passion: the guitar. After completing secondary education, he was at last able to focus full-time on music. He continued his studies at the Brabants Conservatorium where he was coached by Hein Sanderink. In 1996 Frank received the Music Teacher's Diploma with distinction.

Frank attended various master classes, both at home and abroad, including Rapha?lla Smits (Belgium), David Russell (Scotland), Roberto Aussel (Argentina) and Laura Young (Canada). After having received the diploma in music performance in 1998, Frank completed his studies at the Brabants Conservatorium.

Besides as a performing musician, Frank also works as a guitar teacher at the Centre for Music and Dance in Waalwijk. (The Netherlands)

The development of Peter Thissen:
from pianist to brilliant guitarist
Peter started his musical career at a very early age playing the piano, but when he was 17 he decided to take up the guitar. Like Frank he continued his studies at the Brabants Conservatorium, where he too was coached by Hein Sanderink. In 1997 he received the Music Teacher's Diploma with distinction, followed in 1999 by the Diploma in Musical Performance
He attended master classes by David Russell (Scotland), Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Zoran Duk?c (Croatia) and Laura Young (Canada). Besides a performing musician, Peter also works as a guitar teacher at the Centre for Music and Dance in Waalwijk (The Netherlands) and at the Centre for Arts in Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Duo Lisme
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