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Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
Web site:
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‘I will always make music and put out records, no matter what happens or what’s going on’. Traquair 2007

Traquair is Glasgow based Singer Songwriter Stewart Traquair. Born in Pretoria, South Africa where he spent the first seven years of his life. It was here he acquired an early taste for music by sliding and scratching his parent’s vinyl collection. The victims included ‘The Beach Boy’s – Pet Sounds’ and ‘Al Stewart – Year of the Cat’ among others. Narrowly missing death on more than one occasion, his near misses included: falling off a truck in a Safari Park (luckily the men with tranquiliser gun’s were on hand), almost drowning in Crocodile Infested Quick Sand (his Dad on hand to pull him out by the hair) and narrowly missing a bomb explosion in the local bank. You could say life was hectic for the young Stewart Traquair.

At seven his parents decided to move back to Glasgow, Scotland. The next few years were fairly normal for Stewart Traquair. That is until he found himself with a £15 guitar and a notepad at the age of 12. Mastering the C chord and ‘The House of the Rising Sun’, Bands came, tambourines went and with a few years of gigging, writing and recording past, Stewart Traquair decided to become a solo artist.
‘Writing is the most important thing, write down everything that you see and feel. It teaches you a lot about other people.’ Traquair 2007

Between 2002 and 2005, Traquair the solo artist released 3 e.p’s: Levelled – 2002, The Three Sides of Perception – 2004 and Hello, Good Times Goodbye – 2005.

2005 saw Traquair living in New Zealand, where he painted, read, wrote endless songs and prepared to record his first full length record – ‘Waiting for the Day to Begin’. On his return to Glasgow in 2006, he released this very record. Inspired by the laid back sounds of the beach and the surf, ‘Waiting for the Day to Begin’ was a laid back affair with Traquair in a mellow mood. 2006 was spent gigging, mingling and writing. It was a full on year, taking in over 60 gigs and endless nights in Glasgow’s Halt Bar.

2007, a New Year and a new record. ‘The Purpose of the Hopelessly Immoral’ finds Traquair back to the darker side of thinking and more conspicuous mood record was recorded. Released this July 2007 will see Traquair yet again, gigging, writing and recording. Hopefully see you on that journey.

‘It a circle that I’m more than willing to go round. This is just the start.’ Traquair 2007

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