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The Muses
Hometown: Jamestown, CO
Web site:
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The Muses, featuring Tanya Brody and Matthew Gurnsey, each play a plethora of exotic instruments ranging from bohdran & concertina to harp & hammered dulcimer; psaltery, pennywhistles, fiddle and bones to name just a few.

The Muses add new life to old songs as well as adding original material to the Celtic repertoire. Since the moment they chose to blend their voices in song they began captivating the hearts of every audience from Hawaii to Maine, Vancouver to Florida, weddings and pubs to concerts and main-stages at Scottish Games and Celtic Festivals. Together and along with friends they bring in for certain shows, The Muses perform with a ferocity and a strength of heart that embodies the music they love so dearly.

Seeking the return of traditional Celtic folk songs (and a stage overflowing with instruments & vibrance), The Muses breathe new life into a music that will never die. “Through our music you can feel the green shamrocks underfoot, catch the aroma of a distant salt sea, and taste the highland rain upon your lips.”

When they met, realised that they had a strong partnership in music. Their passion for their music shines brightly, making for a very lively and entertaining performance.

Tanya and Matt, have been performing since their youth. They have each sung in various choirs and madrigal groups as well as a great deal of time spent treading the boards both in school and professionally. Tanya and Matt have both run a business involving performance or interactive theater in some way and all three have performed at Renaissance Festivals all over the country which gives them an edge by being able to involve the audience more instead of making them feel that they are just along for the ride.

With beautiful voices creating bewitching vocal harmony and more instruments than anyone was ever meant to own, much less know how to play. The Muses play with a passion and a brilliance that is sure to be enjoyed by all and are truly an inspiration.

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The Muses
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