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Catia Werneck
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Web site:
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The story of Catia Werneck is rich and colorful like a Latin American novel.

She was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1962, in a family of musicians. Her father, pianist and guitarist, listened exclusively to jazz and Bossa Nova. Strange but true, he forbade Catia and her brother to play an instrument. Nevertheless, she started singing at the age of four, supported by her father who paid her one cruzeiro for each song, while he was playing the piano.
Her father then bought her piano lessons. When she turned 16, she began to sing jingles and work in recording studios. At the same time, she graduated from college and obtained her degree in Social Studies, which was a firm condition set by her parents before she was allowed sing and make her living with her passion.

In 1980, aged 18, Catia and her brother Carlos won the first prize of the musical festival of the University. As soon as she graduated, she decided to keep singing and stay in the music field. Soon she singned a contract with one of the biggest producers of Rio.

In 1985, she was offered a huge tour in Europe, with four other singers, including Marcu Ribas and Maria Alcina. She traveled to the United States, where she performed on Broadway, and finally ended up in Paris. Catia began to perform in jazz clubs such as Memphis Melody, and Baiser Salé, where she sang with Sarah Vaughan and Liza Minelli.

When she turned 23, she was offered another tour in the United States, where she met George Benson and Rachel Ferell. From 1987 to 1992, she performed at several festivals, such as Montreux and JVC, as a group vocalist (Boto Novos Tempos and Cruzeiro do Sul, 5 albums at Ariola Music). She later worked with artists such as Touré Kunda, Patrick Bruel, Didier Soustrak, Chico Buarque and Gilbert Bécaud. Her various achievements were signed with different names (Catia, Catia Carvalho, Catia Constantin, Catia Werneck), but one thing that remains constant is her reputation as THE Brazilian singer in Paris.

Since 2003, Catia has been especially active in Japan where she gained phenomenal popularity. Her new producers granted her full artistic freedom, thus allowing the singer to reach all the horizons of her repertoire which now includes a string of famous Brazilian hits, stunning adaptations of French or American classics, as well as original compositions by Catia herself or many of her fellow musicians. After three of her CD's topped the national Japanese charts, she is the number one selling World Music artist in Japan.

Following that huge success, Catia launched a series of tours all across Japan, including an appearance in Tokyo with João Gilberto. In 2005 she threw a show at Budokan, the mystic temple of music having hosted all the greatest legends in history, including the Beatles. The same year she toured France and Japan with a special show featuring the famous Japanese performer Miazawa.

In 2007, one of her old dreams came true, with the idea launched once again by her Japanese producers. Two living Brazilian legends, Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal, were planning to produce a new CD entirely dedicated to the great composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bossa Nova. Catia was invited to join the project as the soloist singer, and the album was recorded in Ipanema in Spring 2007, featuring the complete band of Lyra and Menescal. Released in Australia, Japan, Taiwan and China, the CD once again hit the top of the charts.

Starting the same year, Catia launched her new career in the United States, touring extensively with her new all-American band. Her concerts were announced in numerous clubs in New York, as well as New Jersey, Georgia and Connecticut. As her repertoire grows solid in this new configuration, new ambitions appear for the upcoming year. Catia's greatest projects for 2009 are aimed at the United States.

Catia Werneck
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