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Dedications J-R

The dedication pages are listed alphabetically by Participant

Jeff Peretz - Ud, Saz, Guitar, Compositions with his Abu Gara ensemble - New York City, NY
Performance of "Remembrance" written in memorial for Daniel

Julia Olivarez & The Neuromantic Trio - Houston, TX
Our performance tonight is in recognition of Daniel Pearl's World Music Days, and is dedicated to Daniel Pearl, and to the practice of peace in every walk of life. Music is the language of peace, spoken by every soul on our planet. Imagine peace. Practice peace. Be peace, every day. Together, and only together, we can achieve the seemingly impossible.

La Cat Experience - Long Beach, CA
I want to dedicate the song 'warriorman' to Daniel Pearl World Music Days. The Foundation wants to spread the message of peace and tolerance. Daniel Pearl,Wall Street Journal reporter, was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002. The Fifth Annual Daniel Pearl Music Days global network of concerts is using the universal language of music to diminish hatred, respect differences and reach out in friendship. I am happy to be a part of this and spread the word.

Latin Jazz All Stars - Kathmandu, Nepal
A private jazz concert to commemorate the life & contributions of Daniel Pearl Daniel Pearl was a Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in 2002 in Pakistan.  Danny was a classically trained violinist, an avid fiddler and a mandolin player who used his passion for music to form friendships across language barriers and cultural divides.  He lived a life that knew no geographical boundaries, with a spirit that knew no prejudice.  He joined musical groups in every community in which he lived, leaving behind a long trail of musician-friends around the globe.  Every year around his October 10th birthday, musicians around the world reach out in friendship to join in "Harmony for Humanity."

Leo Baeck Temple Community - Los Angeles, CA
This project is the initiative of Los Angeles' own Dr. Judea Pearl, father of Daniel Pearl, alav ha-shalom. Danny was the Wall Street Journal Reporter who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002.  He was also a talented musician who used the power of music to communicate friendship across verbal and cultural divides.

Leo Baeck Temple Community - Los Angeles, CA
Leo Baeck Temple is honored to participate this season in the 5th Annual Daniel Pearl Music Days, October 6-15, 2006. Along with many congregations we are using this opportunity to join the global village in a Musical Sukkat Shalom, a shelter of peace.

Leo Baeck Temple Community - Los Angeles, CA
Every year, around Danny's birthday of October 10, a network of concerts is organized worldwide in which dedications are made to the ideals for which he stood and against the hatred that took his life. During 2005, this project organized by the Daniel Pearl Foundation, embraced over 300 concerts in 41 countries, in all five continents; dozens of houses of worship were among the participants.

Lisa Chow - Los Angeles, CA
Hey Danny,

I'm at your old alma mater, trying to pay my respects to you.

It was great to be called by God on your behalf. It was my pleasure to pray for you. You came across to me as a very nice person, a rarity in my "concentration camp" of a world where I come from. I appreciate your friendliness, kindness, and compassion. You make friends very easily and I admire that about you.

A soccer player, a college-bound scholar, a musician, a friend. You grew up and became a fantastic journalist. They say you were a seeker of truth, digging into things to find the answers yet wrote in such a way as to reach the apathetic readers. They say you were very inclusive, seeking out people others have rejected.

Danny, as the birds are crowing, I remember you.

You and I were part of this mystery of life, orchestrated by God. We both played a part in God’s intervention of the evil one who’s plagued our world and called itself terrorism, destruction, misunderstanding, and above all—hatred.

Danny, you seemed to have led a very good life. An honorable life. A respectful life. Go with God on your next journey.

We miss you. A father, son, brother, husband, uncle, friend. A special person whom I feel honored to intercede.

God Bless You, Danny Pearl.

Ode to Daniel Pearl

The Daniel Pearl Music Day
plays worldwide in the weeks surrounding
your birthday.

The event pays homage to you.
To the value you hold dear.
To the loving memory you left behind.

They say you push for peace.
However, we are at war.

They say you want to unite people.
However, we continue to divide.

They say you have a gentle spirit.
However, brutal strength reigns.

You would have been a great soldier
In this War on Terrorism

However, Terrorism took you out.


Unless, we remember your spirit.

Terrorism didn't take that out.
It couldn't.

Your spirit remains strong
In the people's hearts who remember you.
In your legacy as others hear of you.
With God who created you in His image.

On what would have been your 44th birthday,
Many have come together again.
To remember you.
To pay homage to you.
To celebrate your life.
To keep the candle you originally lit burning.

Thank you for having come into this world.

Longwood Symphony Orchestra, the orchestra of Boston's medical community - Boston, MA
Longwood Symphony Orchestra joins together with the global musical community to mark Daniel Pearl  World Music Days. This worldwide event, now in its 5th year, uses the universal language of music to encourage fellowship across cultures and build a platform of Harmony for Humanity.

Los Ciegos Del Barrio - Las Matas, Dominican Republic
(to be spoken in Spanish at each and every performance) - We dedicate this performance, in the language we share, to the living memory of Daniel Pearl, to Daniel Pearl World Music Day and the great promise of Harmony for Humanity...

Madeline Felkins Fiddlefest Presents Buffet Concert in Honor of Daniel Pearl - Palmdale, CA
This Concert is an affirmation of global harmony which is dedicated to valley violinist, mandolinist, and journalist Daniel Pearl, who was tragically kidnapped, murdered, and beheaded by terrorists while he was researching and investigating shoe bomber connections in Pakistan during 2002.

Danny Pearl was well known and much liked amongst musicians and music teachers within the San Fernando Valley and Southern California areas: He carried an instrument with him where ever he went and enjoyed meeting others due to his ability to create good friendships with many other musicians whom he met and played music with during his travels and work as a journalist. Daniel's legacy includes unique means of communication, journalism, music, and cross-cultural understanding. More information is available by visiting the Pearl Foundation's website at and by attending one of the Fifth Annual Harmony for Humanity Concerts performed in his honor this year.

*Fiddlefest's Performance is Dedicated to Daniel Pearl and Includes the Following Pieces to Celebrate His Life, October 10th Birthday, and to Honor His Memory and Love of Music: 'Buffet Concert' arr. by Madeline Felkins

Mandala World Music Ensemble, Tara Music Group - Maribor, Slovenia
I would like to Dedicate the Song, "Rainbow of Humanity" to the Daniel Pearl World Music Days. This song expresses the oneness of humanity and it is exactly the same as the theme of the World Music Days, which is to use music to bring humanity together as one indivisible human race.

Marc Black and the Lost in the Forest Orchestra - Larkspur, CA
Daniel Pearl was an excellent musician, a great friend, and an inspiration. The power of his life goes on as we come together to play...really play and enjoy each others company. Each sweet moment leads to the next, in a long heavenly chain. A chain that links Daniel Pearl to each of us tonight.

Mark Towns Latin Jazz Quartet - Sierra Madre, CA
This evening, The Mark Towns Latin Jazz Band joins thousands of other musicians in hundreds of other concerts going on around the world tonight as part of The Daniel Pearl World Music Days "Harmony for Humanity" Concerts -- a tribute to journalist and musician Daniel Pearl and to all the visionary men and women who use the universal language of music to inspire unity, harmony, and peace.

Musica Camerata Montreal - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This concert is part of the Daniel Pearl Music Days and we dedicate it to the memory of Daniel Pearl, an american journalist murdered by terrorists, and as a prayer for peace.

New Brunswick Fiddlers Association - Sussex Avenue Fiddlers - Upper Cloverdale, New Brunswick, Canada
This week is part of the Daniel Pearl Music Days, made up of a global network of musical events in memory of the writer/journalist & musician, Daniel Pearl, whose life ended at the hand of  terrorists in 2002. Along with being a journalist, Daniel was a mandolin player, Classically trained violinist and avid fiddler. He would take his fiddle where ever he traveled in the world and get to know the people through their music.  He believed that music could reach beyond all barriers such as language and race and bring people together. Daniel Pearl Music Days with its slogan, “Harmony for Humanity” honours Daniel and his ideals of tolerance, friendship & peace and we’d like to dedicate this evening to him as part of this world-wide event. Daniel would have been interested in a book like this.  Fiddle music has certainly brought together people in our province of all sorts of backgrounds.  Daniel’s family is receiving a copy of the book this week in San Fransisco from one of our past SAF members, Samantha Robichaud who was the first Canadian recipient of the Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin.

New Hampshire Philharmonic - Manchester, NH
The open rehearsal of the Philharmonic on Oct 15 was dedicated to the memory of Daniel Pearl. Like Daniel, the amateur musicians of the Philharmonic make music at the edges of their careers, so we felt that dedicating this rehearsal to Daniel's memory would be an appropriate commemoration of all that he stood for, and the potential for international bridge-building that is inherent in classical music.

Paducah Symphony Orchestra - Paducah, KY
The Paducah Symphony Orchestra joins people around the world in a tribute to all the visionary men and women who use the power of musis to lift the unity of mankind above the differences that set us apart.  This performance is part os Daniel Pearl Music Days, an annual global concert celebrating the ideals of tolerance, friendship and shared humanity.  After journalist and musician Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan, his family and friends came together to work towards a more humane world.  A classically trained violinist, fiddler and mandolin player, Daniel Pearl joined musical groups across the globe.  Music Days are centered around his October 10th birthday and carry on his mission of connecting diverse groups through words and music.  More information about Daniel Pearl Music Days can be found at days.

Pedro Ruy-Blas & Horacio Icasto Duo - Madrid, Spain
Tonight's concert adheres to the Daniel Pearl Music Days. World Music Days uses the universal language of music to encourage fellowship across cultures and build a platform ofHarmony for Humanity.

Performing Arts Society of Acadiana - Lafayette, LA
The Performing Arts Society of Acadiana urges you to join us in using the universal language of music to diminish hatred, respect differences, to learn more about your neighbors and to reach out in friendship.

Rez Abbasi's Snake Charmer - Chihuahua, Mexico
Pearl is a composition from my Snake Charmer CD that I have dedicated to Daniel Pearl, the American journalist that was assinated in Karachi, Pakistan. This event especially troubled me due to the fact that I was born in Karachi some 30 years ago. This was the first time I was hearing an international story about my birth place.

Robert Goodman Band - West Palm Beach, FL
The Robert Goodman Band would like to dedicate tonights performs to Daniel Pearl, who was killed in Pakistan as a reporter for the Wall Street Journel. His love of music and concern for the world has inspired many bands and artist around the world to spread the message that peace is always a possibilty that starts with oneself.