Homecoming by M80 featuring Liz Berlin of Rusted Root

Homecoming was written in honor of Danny, a great friend and fellow musician. He played fiddle and mandolin with my band Wild West Picture Show when he lived in Atlanta. Danny was always a source of inspiration and joy when he sat in with us.

He recorded a few songs with WWPS, the most prominent being “Please Talk” which ironically has the subject of two people of different mindsets sitting down to work things out. It’s was intended as more of a relationship song between a couple but the greater message is conveyed nonetheless.

I was inspired to write this song when I was planning the initial Daniel Pearl Music Days show in Atlanta with the help of Danny’s other friends and musicians. Although I performed the song with M80, it was always intended to have a female vocal.

I met Liz Berlin of Rusted Root through a mutual friend and asked her if she would be interested in recording Homecoming. Her amazing vocal performance and production truly took the song to another level. She even flew to Atlanta to create a video to accompany the song. We are lucky to know such a talented professional.

Danny was warm hearted, curious, positive, creative, talented, and loved to perform music with his friends. I hope this song conveys some of those qualities and expresses how fortunate all of us feel to have known him. He was a citizen of the World with a message of compassion for everyone.

 - Bill Shadle from M80


Where were you going, out there alone
Cast into a battle that was not your own
I never doubted that you’d come back Home
I was certain about it, when they let me know

But it’s hard to believe ‘cause I still feel you near
There’s a light in the darkness that burns for you here
An angel delivered you from the lion’s den
And I know that you’ll never leave me again

But I can’t let you go
I want you, I want you to come back Home

What was the reason for building this bridge
When one side wants bloodshed, the other revenge
You were a dreamer, an agent of love
With a gift of compassion for those who had none

And no one could take you away from me
There’s a light in the dark and it’s your face I see
I’ll wait for you here ‘til the sunrise
I can still see your smile in our baby’s eyes

Oh and I can’t let you go
I want you, I want you to come back Home

Come on Home

Copyright 2004 – M80 (Lamb, Wilson, Maloney, Shadle)

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