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  Stand Out From The Crowd - 5 Tips for Promoting Your World Music Days Event

  1. Flyers - Download flyers and add specific information about your event. Just fill in the blank spaces with information including event name, lineup of artists/performers, location, time of show, date of show, etc.

    Distribute to friends, family, and neighbors and post them at local coffee shops, markets, community bulletin boards, places of worship, record/music stores, nightclubs, schools and college campuses, even workplace lunchrooms! Many stores have areas for flyer and some will post in the window if you ask. 

  2. Press/Media - Press coverage is the most efficient way to reach a wide audience at no cost. Download a sample press release that includes blank space for you to enter information about your event. Fax and email are the methods preferred by the press. Do not include your Press Release as an email attachment - it must be in the body of the email text or it may be rejected as spam. Make sure your email has a clear title with a catchy headline style such as "Local Group to Participate in Worldwide Music Event."

    Follow-up with a very quick phone call and be sure to keep your intro to 15 seconds. An example would be: "I'm calling to be sure that you received the info on our upcoming concert at ___. It is part of Daniel Pearl World Music Days." If they have questions, they'll ask, and refer them to the web site at so they can see the scope of this year's program.

    Press contacts that you can easily research include: individual columnists and writers who specialize in arts & music; radio and TV stations (address your correspondence to community affairs programming and the program director); and don't forget about DJs on your favorite radio stations.
  3. Calendar Listings - Newspapers, Myspace, Facebook, CraigsList, , local "what's happening" publications and websites, even religious and non-profit organization newsletters will often post your event. To receive maximum exposure, you may wish to list it more than one way, e.g. by group/event name, music type, and with a "Daniel Pearl World Music Days" title to attract different audiences.

    You'll be surprised by the number of places that will promote you for free.  Several are run by newspapers and journals, but require a separate posting from print media submissions. We recommend you do an Internet "search" for the keywords "music" and "concerts" combined with your geographical area - by city, county and/or regional designation. Some may not cross reference so be sure to add your event listing more than once both under the event name (i.e. under XYZ Group Jazz concert and under Daniel Pearl Music Days Jazz Concert.)

    Most sites have different configurations for posting, including character and word length limitations. Design a basic description so you have a reference format that is easily adaptable.
  4. Email Campaign- Send an email of your flyer to everyone you know and ask them to pass it on to their contacts- forming an "email tree." Make sure to include everything in the body text of the email including the link. Many people will not open an attachment until they know who you are and why you are contacting them. To avoid spam filters, do not use all capitals or exclamation points in the heading. Also, do not email too many people at once. Instead, send in small batches, addressing the email to yourself and putting the addresses in the "bcc" section if you don't want others to see the entire list. Or use an email service such as
  5. MySpace, Facebook and YouTube- Daniel Pearl World Music Days is expanding our presence on these social networks and would love to include you as a friend. Visit our MySpaceFacebook and YouTube Page for more information - and don't forget to ask your friends to also become our Friend!

    Note: We are need help with our social networking pages- if you would like to help with this special project contact us through our Volunteer page.

Have a question that's not covered here? We look forward to hearing from you! Just drop us an email at and put "promo question" in the Subject line. Thanks again for all your support. Together we can expand the Daniel Pearl World Music Days network and spread its message of hope, unity and understanding!