Thank God I Was Born in the USA by Alan Bromley

My first job, and first love, was being a journalist, whether as an investigative reporter (the Karen Silkwood Story), or contributing columnist at The Wall Street Journal's With the ugly rise of Islamic extremism, and the death of Daniel Pearl (as well as others who have been killed by its fanatical followers), I decided to try to reach even more people by writing lyrics and producing songs. "Thank God I Was Born in the USA" was one of my first songs. My original thought was to write something attacking Islamism, but ultimately came to understand that the most powerful thing I could write was a celebration of the U.S.A and its underlying values. I make vague references to radical ideologies, but focus on what the U.S., and dedicated people like Daniel Pearl, have not only given us, but brought to the world. That theme also drove the music, producing a country-Americana composition.

I was inspired by Daniel Pearl as a journalist, an American and a Jew...he treated his readers, his adversaries and his colleagues with respect, and when confronted with death, he knew who he was, where his soul rested, and refused to abdicate...what a profile in courage. We all face an end, and he met his with extreme resolve, and while I express my sorrow to his wife and family, I must compliment and thank them for giving us Daniel Pearl, a man with a sense of his soul and values,for giving him the confidence and support to express who he was, and their never-ending love...thank you all for giving us Daniel, and helping forge such a beautiful example of what a man can--and should be--thank you, thank you!

We're not always right
It's ours the land of you and me
And we strive for equality
Day and night

It's the home of the brave
Of the good and the strange
It's a place we're committed to save

(CHORUS) Thank God I was born in the USA
Where I'm free to work and play
Thank God I was born in the USA
Where I'm free to pray

They won't steal our souls
And they won't stop us from our goals
We remain in the homeland of the free
In our land in our homes
Where the kids they can
run and roam
And play an American symphony

(CHORUS)...3 more times

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