To Raise The Wind Horse - Lisa Donovan Lukas

I was inspired to write "To Raise The Wind Horse" for piano, four hands by Nancy Arnold, the MTAC-WLA Faculty Advisor & Chair of the Music Student's Service League.Nancy asked me if I would write a piece for two of her student's to play at the Daniel Pearl World Music Days Concert in Santa Monica, CA. I was truly moved and honored to be asked.I wanted to write something to convey the emotions that I feel when I think about Daniel Pearl and the tragic loss to our world of his bright life. I think about the person he was, his family -- and how he touched and continues to touch our world.My hope was to create something beautiful to honor Daniel Pearl and to speak to his spirit of love and compassion for everyone.

Here is a little bit about the title of the piece, "To Raise The Wind Horse" -- and how it inspired me in the creation of the music:

In Tibetan Buddhism, the wind horse is an allegory for the human soul. Frequently, the horse is shown with three jewels. These three jewels represent peace, well being and harmony. In reading about the wind horse, I learned that on prayer flags and paper prints, the wind horse is typically shown carrying the three jewels and the appearance of the Wind Horse is supposed to bring peace, harmony and well being to all. Since I wanted the composition to carry these ideals within the sounds of the music, I decided to use the Wind Horse as the driving idea and symbol behind it's creation. I wanted to write music that would be like the raising of a wind horse flag; that is, I wanted the music to raise our energy toward the creation of global peace and unity in line with the mission of the Daniel Pearl World Music Days Events and all that Daniel stood for.

To Raise The Wind Horse music is both joyful as well as contemplative. There is a "hymn like" sad theme in the middle section which represents sorrow; the tragedies and loss we experience in our world. The rhythmic, optimistic themes express hope, strength and the positivity musicians and peace makers exhibit as we come together in unity, to create a more harmonious world.

"To Raise The Wind Horse" was premiered at The Daniel Pearl World Music Days Concert in Santa Monica, CA. on October 30, 2011. It was beautifully performed by Nancy Arnold's students, Camille De Beus and Eric Lin and recorded at Syngram Productions & Recording Studio in Pacific Palisades, CA.

I am deeply grateful to Daniel's family for bringing the message of peace to our world through the work of the Daniel Pearl Foundation. "To Raise The Wind Horse" is dedicated to Daniel Pearl World Music Days with much love.

The printed score is now available from Alberti Publishing. A portion of the composer's proceeds from the sales of sheet music will be donated to The Daniel Pearl Foundation.